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That Ennegram thing that I don wanna lose: Type 4. - Sözümoki
14 Nisan 2021, Çarşamba 20:54 · 29 Okunma

That Ennegram thing that I don't wanna lose: Type 4.

- Four, the rarest Enneagram type. Fours have a personality highly attuned to the beauty around them and to their own emotions. Most are artistically gifted, and even if they don’t make a living from the arts, they are involved in them somehow. Fours help the rest of us see and experience beauty, often where we would not normally see it. The world has been blessed by the gifts of Fours such as Martha Graham, Judy Garland, Prince and Sylvia Plath.

-The phrase “You are what you feel” was surely coined by a Four.

- “Four is very conscious of the inner life, and that inner life -rather than the outside world- is Four’s natural home. The story of Four meeting the world is the story of Four’s inner life seeking to engage with the outside world from which it feels distant and separate.” Fours feel different, sometimes like they are on the wrong planet. They feel like they are missing something that other people have, and that is the basis of the Four passion, envy. They feel like everyone else’s lives are easier.

- As one of my dear Four friends pointed out, “A lot of Fours don’t make it.” Life just becomes too painful to continue. CoOl.

-The flip side of that, however, is that Fours can become mired in their memories and feelings. Since you are what you feel, if you aren’t feeling something—good or bad—you don’t exist.

- Fours have a rich fantasy life and tend to idealize romantic partners initially. They want to be seen for who they truly are. However, as soon as that partner disappoints, the Four can turn on an emotional dime and despise or resent the person for not meeting their idealized standards. With plenty of highs and lows in play, Fours are often thought of as temperamental. The romantic partner is never sure where he or she stands – and neither is the Four!

-In conclusion:
Dude, you can say you're sick it's fine, duh

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